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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT and Dungeons & Dragons 5E. If you are looking for the PDF – click here.


Generate unplanned NPCs quickly! Players are continually encountering NPCs you never planned for,
but now you can combine almost anything quickly to create the NPC you need!

For each NPC you painstakingly create and detail, you will need at least ten more for which you never planned. If your players have one superpower,
it is to go completely off-script and end up in some corner of your world you never designed, fighting things for which you never made statistics.
But with these guidelines, you can quickly combine any race with any existing NPC.

Inside, you will find:

– How to quickly combine any humanoid with NPC statistics

– How to quickly combine most monstrous races with NPC statistics

– 57 new NPCs (CR 0 to CR 21)

– 10 new mounts (more aquatic mounts!)

– 2 new humanoid races

– A chaotic organization of eldritch knights and their immortal leader

– A primordial artifact that champions chaos

– A step-by-step guide on slowly combining powerful NPC statistics using an example rakshasa archmage

– Professional layout using over 60 pictures and 4 tables



The Complete NPC (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $14.95