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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“You are part of an organization made up of many officials, clerks, and other functionaries. Your pact is a benefit granted to a select few in the administration—magic in exchange for service to the bureaucracy. Rather than a powerful magical being, the bureaucracy doles out the collective magic of other magic users in the bureaucracy who aren’t using it.”

This warlock patron is designed for players who want to operate as part of a larger organization. This organization can be part of an existing setting, such as the Azorius Senate of Ravnica or the New Cyre civil service in Eberron, or it can be something you work out with your DM.

If you’re the type of warlock who would prefer to read the fine print before signing any pacts, this might be the subclass for you!

Art by Janet Gooch and myrfa from Pixabay.

The Bureaucracy - Warlock PatronPrice: $1.00