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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A fun way to introduce the mechanics of fifth edition to younger players and those new to the game or spice things up for a more experienced group, The Adventurer’s Guide to Being Human provides fun ways for Dungeon Masters to run either short adventures or long campaigns featuring their players, not their characters.

Inspired by the two-part adventure Liam’s Quest, helmed by Liam O’Brien from the cast of Critical Role, The Adventurer’s Guide to Being Human gives advice about designing characters who fully represent your players so they can take charge of their own fate.

This guide helps you determine your players’ ability scores and implement them successfully into the fifth edition rules. No need to be a professional Dungeon Master; all of the skills are broken down and explained. With suggested class features and feats from official rulebooks, as well as suggestions on how to apply them, you can throw your friends into the exciting fantasy feet-first!

The Adventurer’s Guide to Being Human also includes four exclusive backgrounds for modern players looking for something a bit more relatable. Reviews and comments are greatly appreciated!

The Adventurer's Guide to Being HumanPrice: $3.00