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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

13 all-new sidekick classes for your adventuring companions! 

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All thirteen new sidekicks feature full page art and level advancement all the way through level 20. 

Ride a centaur into combat. Sail the open seas with a lovable pirate. Travel the planes with a knowledgable guide. Watch as a walking bird man hacks enemies to bits. Gallop alongside a lycanthropic horse. Instantly tick and talk with an unrealistic influencer. Tutor under a pedantic know-it-all. Redeem a brute possessed by the devil. Protect the forest with a zoo-in-a-box. Feel the shock and awe of sword lightning. Flourish beside the master of an ancient weapon. Reel from the stench of undeath and make new friends. Throw an intervention for a potion-juicing absolute unit. 

Companionship awaits with Tasha’s Beautiful Sidekicks!

Read before you buy – the entire PDF is included in “Full-size Preview” above.


Tasha's Beautiful SidekicksPrice: $9.99