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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A sentient starsquid was caught in the net of a fishing vessel you hitched a ride on to get to Alphaspace. She wants to get back home to Squidlantis in the Great Asteroid Reef.

Can you protect Squidalina from ink-redible dangers and bring her home?

Squidaddle! is a two-hour family-friendly Spelljammer adventure for characters of levels 1-4.

This adventure is a laid-back session in Wildspace for kids and kids-at-heart, or a way to introduce younger audiences to D&D and the Spelljammer setting.

Inside you’ll find:

A one-shot adventure that is easy to read and prepare. It has 3 encounters across 2 parts, and is 7 pages long.
Guidance on how to adjust encounter difficulty (for different party compositions)
Encounter customization using the initial attitudes table
Tips on adjusting content for younger audiences, making it kid-friendly
A Wildspace System Map of Alphaspace
High quality DM and player friendly tactical battlemaps for easy printing and virtual tabletop use
14 pieces of kid-friendly artwork to help bring the adventure to life
Stat blocks for all NPCs and monsters
An organized 36-page PDF containing all of the above, with separate compressed map and artwork files for easy use.
7 pages: core adventure (quick and easy to read)
4 pages: stat blocks
18 pages: artwork and map appendices
7 pages: character rewards, DM miscellany, storytelling tactics and notes, etc.

CONTENT WARNING: Possible Phobia Trigger (Shark), Suffocation

Adventurers League: This is a Spelljammer Adventure set in an original Wildspace system, created through the Adventurers League Dungeoncraft program. This is an Adventurers League legal Tier 1 Adventure.

[SPOILERS AHEAD] What your players will experience in Squidaddle!

The Great Asteroid Reef

This adventure begins on a spelljammer fishing boat that is on its way to the planet Sapphire in Alphaspace. The characters learn that Princess Squidalina needs help getting back home in the asteroid cluster known as The Great Asteroid Reef, and must escort her by traveling through Wildspace with air provided by their own gadabout. Watch your players protect their gadabout and Princess Squidalina as they venture into the reef!

Random Initial Attitudes

Many of the beasts in The Great Asteroid Reef awakened when the blue crystal asteroids began glowing – the earliest memory of civilization here. The encounters that your players will face can be tuned as having Hostile, Indifferent, or Friendly NPCs. Have your players work with, or against, the different NPCs as they bring Squidalina home to Squidlantis.

Shark Attack with a Wrecked Spelljammer!

As the characters reach the Inner Sanctum of The Great Asteroid Reef, a large hollow and holey asteroid where kingdoms like Squidlantis reside, a school of splashing tuna stampedes in your direction as they sense a stealthy scavver! Enjoy seeing your players Protect Squidalina from the “Great White Scavver” in the nearby wreckage of a Spelljamming Ship, “The Dutchman,” and get her home safe.

All the Squid Puns

In this light-hearted adventure, the main NPC Squidalina speaks with a lot of squid puns. “You gotta be squiddin’ me, that’s kraken me up!” “Did you know that it takes ten-tickles to make a squid laugh?” Enjoy a relaxed session in this royal escort mission as your players encounter the different space beasts.

Pillars of Play Composition

Combat: 50%

Social: 25%

Exploration: 25% 

Sample Pages

About the author: Brian’s love for the world of D&D started in 2000 with the PC game Baldur’s Gate, countless RA Salvatore novels about Drizzt and the companions, and naturally Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He started playing and running games for 5e in 2020. He enjoys running adventures with consequential player choices, a tight connected story, and a chance to learn more about the lore in D&D.

His first set of adventures, The Thin Veil Trilogy, involved reading more than 500 pages of materials from older editions to make sure that the way Planar Bleed and Planar Metaphysics, the Shadowfell, and Vecna were described were true to lore. Researching and finding ways to inject life into older stories is something he very much enjoys.

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