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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Firearms At Any Technology Level!


Would you like to add guns to your medieval fantasy or Spelljammer campaign, or even run D&D in a modern or future setting, and need the weapon and gear stats to make it happen? Smoke & Thunder makes firearms available to all characters, regardless of class, across a wide range of time periods and genres. The rules inside make firearms formidable without making them the only practical choice of weapons.

In short, Smoke & Thunder balances all eras’ weapons against each other—giving you guns that blow away the bad guys without blowing up your game!

19 pages! (not including front and back covers)


Firearms from five different historical periods, from late medieval to present day.
Firearms for both near future and science fantasy genres, plus a sidebar on using them in steampunk settings.
More than 60 diferent firearms total!
Rules for semiautomatic rapid-fire and fully automatic spray attacks.
A bevy of accessories, from specialty ammo, to scopes, to bulletproof vests and high-tech armors.
5 New Spells, 6 Feats, and 5 Fighting Styles themed around firearms.
Variant rules and DM advice for adding more realism.

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