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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The village’s blacksmith was accused of producing toxic fumes that killed many people.
However, a persistent tavern owner was convinced it wasn’t the blacksmith, but a group of fiendish creatures instead.
The adventurers are here to straighten things up!

A 5-hour investigation adventure for 8th Level characters

In order to raise an army that is not bound to the Nine Hells, Asmodeus commissioned a
sisterhood of night hags to create the yugoloths. The hags crafted four magic tomes called
The Books of Keeping that record all the yugoloths’ true names. Summoning them by calling
their true names inscribed in the Book of Keeping forces them to obediently serve the
summoner. The yugoloths despised being called in this way. Since they have ‘mercenary’
tendencies, they will find any opportunities to misinterpret instructions given to them. They
break promises to find new offers that they favor more. Due to a perpetual quarrel, the
night hag sisterhood fell out, losing the possession of the four books, hence, losing the
control of the yugoloths. Their existences are now heard moving from plane to plane. The
yugoloths can be found anywhere, but their price is usually too high for someone in
Material Plane to pay.

Put an end to the restoration of The Book of Keeping.
Take control or completely obliterate it.

This module works as a standalone adventure or as a supplement to a larger campaign.
The download includes a PDF module, Handout, and Maps (grid and gridless) for Players and DM.

Trigger Warning: Disintegration, Visceral Images/Description.

Smog on the WaterPrice: $2.95