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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
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SJ-DC-AUG-07 Blast Them! Tales of the Beholder Corps
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You are sought out by Duwain Brickhammer—a giff ship captain with a grudge—to deliver a special message with MAXIMUM impact to the beholders of H’catha. Meanwhile, rumors abound that beholders are eliminating entire races in Realmspace. Will you deliver that message and stop the eye tyrants before it’s too late? A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8. Content Warning: Genocide, Imprisonment, Bodily Consumption, Maiming, Torture This product includes:
Adventure PDF
A general Wildspace map and two Area Maps, gridded and non-gridded. High resolution suitable for printing and lower resolution for VTT use.
An Easter Egg connection to Spelljammer Academy.

These new Spelljammer Dungeoncraft adventures are inspired by the CCC-TRI adventures that introduced us to the …

SJ-DC-MAD-02 Mad Effect: Retribution
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The mind flayers must be stopped. Recruit unexpected allies and execute a daring plan to strike down the mind flayers’ secret facility.

MAD EFFECT: RETRIBUTION A four-hour action-packed spelljammer adventure for Tier 2 characters. Optimized for APL 8. Inside you’ll find: A one-shot adventure in PDF format in both coloured and printer-friendly versions
Visit the ROCK OF BRAL and adventure through a familiar Wildspace system: REALMSPACE
Guidance on how to adjust each encounter to fit your party’s level from Very Weak to Very Strong
Stat blocks for all NPCs and creatures appearing in the adventure
Dyson’s classical maps

    Author: Arthur Marques CONTENT WARNING: abuse (mind control), explosives, mental health (madness, gambling), oppression (slavery), horror


SJ-DC-NOS-03 Sol Crash
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The exciting conclusion for the main storyline of the Nostia series!
Due to pooling information together, the giff Captain Algernon Delacourt now wants to send a party of experienced adventurers to determine the source of the corruption affecting the Nostia wildspace system. Chronomancy is suspected. As is cult activity. The way is open, but the way to stop the corruption means to go back to the beginning… and to meet Nostia’s own past, its planetoids, and maybe even the soul of the star itself.

A four-hour adventure for Tier 3 (levels 11-16) characters.
Content Warnings: cults, brainwashing/corruption

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SJ-DC-PHP-02: Securing Passage
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Format: PDF
Explore the Low City of Bral as you search for a spelljammer vessel to ferry you and a trio of plasmoids back to Toril in this 2 hour adventure for Tier 1 characters!
Adventure Seed Used: Headed My Way?
Tier: 1 (Character levels 1-4. Optimized for APL:3)
Included in this product: 
24-page adventure PDF
Printer friendly version of adventure PDF
Colored Maps (Regular and Gridless) and Handouts
Last Updated Version: v1.1

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Unsworn Oath (SJ-DC-PHP-FLN01-03)
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2-Hour Spelljammer adventure, playable by D&D Adventurers League Forgotten realms characters levels 1-4.
Tensions rise on Crystalstar as more undead materialize from the Maercryshal. Two astral elves
may have a solution to save the planet, but can you act fast enough to prevent utter ruin?
Part three of the Crystalstar Trilogy

Unsworn Oath is a two-hour combat heavy experience for characters of level 1-4. Optimized for APL 3.
The finale of the Crystalstar Trilogy. Can adventurer’s withstand and succeed in this action-packed adventure?
Included in this adventure:
A 24-page PDF files of the adventure (2-Hour adventure)
6 pages of the core adventure
Inlay images to help paint the scene
Stat blocks for all NPCs and Monsters Mentioned

A 23-pa…

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