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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

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CCC-OHAYOCON-01-03 Fiendly Competition
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Bounty hunting around the Moonsea is a cut-throat business and tracking down the mark is easier than snagging it first.   Pick the target, make your plans and watch out for the competition!
A 2- to 4-Hour Adventurers League adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters.
This adventure was created in the Season 8 format and includes several bounties that can be taken on at the players’ discretion.  Each bounty can be approached in a number of ways, utilizing the different gameplay pillars of D&D.
In addition to the opportunity to encounter notorious Thentian gangster Drunda the Gut, this stand-alone adventure includes:
Season 8-style handouts detailing the magic item unlocks (print 9 to a page)
Gridded reference maps for combat encounters
Bounty Poster handouts
Fiendly Competition is …

CCC-SVH-03-01 Finder’s Fiend (w/ FG mod)
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Format: PDF
Bonus: Fantasy Grounds .mod file included! All Proceeds from this Product go to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee via the Save vs Hunger annual charity convention in Knoxville, TN with thanks to the authors for their gracious contribution. Souls bound to a deadly fiend have escaped the Nine Hells and taken over denizens of Thentia. The devil wants the souls back and if they’re not delivered quickly, she intends to come for them herself, endangering more innocents. To save the lives of the unsuspecting hosts, adventurers must track them down and send the stray souls back to Hell.
A Two-to-Four-Hour Adventure for 5th through 10th Level Characters (APL 8).
By Xavier A. Devenoges and Andrew Bishkinskyi
Fantasy Grounds conversion by Rob Twohy and team…

Sisterhood of the Blade (CCC-UNITE-AN-04)
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Format: PDF
New posters advertising free training for adventurers have appeared around the town of Melvaunt. Is this just a training facility or something more sinister? The only way to find out is to go!
A 2- to 4-Hour adventure for 1st to 4th level characters, with 1-hr options for new players.
This adventure has been carefully crafted to help players new to D&D learn the game by teaching them about using skills, saving throws, and dealing with different types of monsters. Divided into “basic” and “advanced” sections, experienced adventures will also find plenty of challenges! 
The adventure is highly flexible – with different ways of presenting the material to r…

When Mages Fall (CCC-OA-01-01)
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Format: PDF
Fledgling wizards are being struck down in Thentia, the City of Mages.Rumors tie the deaths to the reappearance of an ancient artifact, the Bright Sword.Can adventurers solve the mystery of the mage slayings before the body count rises?
A 2- to 4-Hour adventure for 1st to 4th level characters.

This adventure features a balance of all pillars of play, including an optional puzzle. Maps and magic item handouts are included in separate files.

When Mages Fall is set in the city of Thentia and has an entirely entirely stand-alone storyline. This adventure does feature an optional appearance by the Sisterhood of the Blade bounty hunting organization. It can be used a an unrelated follow-up to the introductory adventure Sisterhood of the Blade or as a precursor to the …

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