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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

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Sidekicks Essentials
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Play D&D with as few as two people with this supplement to the sidekick rules introduced in the Essentials Kit boxed set!
The official rules for sidekicks in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition first appear in appendix A of the Essentials Kit Rulebook and are designed to allow the game to be played with as few as two people: the Dungeon Master and a single player. Sidekicks Essentials expands these rules and provides additional types of sidekicks and example personalities to round them out.
Sidekicks Essentials is divided into three sections:
Playing with Sidekicks. A recap of the official rules for sidekicks is accompanied by additional optional rules for sidekick loyalty, controlling the sidekick, and level advancement.
Sidekick Stat Blocks.
Sidekicks: Beyond the Essentials
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Take your companions all the way to 20th level with this sequel to the best selling Sidekicks Essentials!
Sidekicks Essentials expanded the original sidekick types Expert, Spellcaster, and Warrior to include Archer, Berserker, Criminal, Knight, Magician, Medic and Minstrel. Each of these new sidekick types featured a leveling table progressing them through 6th level.
This supplement takes the seven sidekick types originally published in Sidekicks Essentials and expands their progression to level 20. 
Sidekicks are less powerful than player characters of the same level, and gain comparable features more slowly. As we go beyond the original six levels, these sidekicks gain interesting new features at each level but remain very one-dimensional, …

Tasha’s Beautiful Sidekicks
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13 all-new sidekick classes for your adventuring companions! 
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All thirteen new sidekicks feature full page art and level advancement all the way through level 20. 
Ride a centaur into combat. Sail the open seas with a lovable pirate. Travel the planes with a knowledgable guide. Watch as a walking bird man hacks enemies to bits. Gallop alongside a lycanthropic horse. Instantly tick and talk with an unrealistic influencer. Tutor under a pedantic know-it-all. Redeem a brute possessed by the devil. Protect the forest with a zoo-in-a-box. F…

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