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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Continuing on the success of our Copper title “Up The River and Back Again”, we bring you the next chapter in the ongoing imvasion of the Material Plane by the creatures from the Feywild.

A river in one of the hillier regions of the kingdom is plagued by incursions from the Feywild. More and more of the northern shore is beginning to resemble otherworldly landscapes of that strange, dreamlike realm, but the king does not have the personnel or the time to deal with the wilderness at this point. “Shhh!” is a one-shot adventure taking 4th level adventurers up to level 5, and can be an introduction to further adventures on the outskirts of, as well as inside the Feywild. On 27 pages chock full of content you will find:

four introductory social encounters giving you and your players choice of different NPCs to interact with and investigate local happenings in Doob,
a new monster, as well as a new type of Minion according to MCDM rules released in their book “Flee, Mortals!”, to spice up your travels through a fey infested forest,
one new Feywild villain whose machinations your party needs to stop,
seven new magic items,
a Dungeon Scrawl map of the villain’s lair.

The adventure is available in three file formats: beautified PDF, an easy to print PDF and an EPUB file. The map is included in the adventure and apart in a separate file.

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