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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A heroic fantasy adventure with intrigue and an epic battle!

Shark-Raid-O is a 4-hour adventure designed for 14th level characters. This adventure takes the party to the wetlands island of Cynykor, where Lynafel, a community of sea elves is under attack by sahuagin, a warmongering race of shark people. The sahuagin have brought a terrible sea creature to the battlefield, and it is up to the players to save Lynafel from the army of sahuagin! As the clock ticks down to the invasion, the players must ready the community’s defenses and find the sahuagin spy hidden among the villagers.

This adventure includes:

  • Stylized game document with helpful diagrams

  • Simplified/screen reader friendly document

  • 3 30×30 battle maps available in 200 dpi and 70 dpi (Roll20 ready)

  • 6 pre-generated characters

There will be a guide on running this adventure for new DMs on the FeverDreamStudios channel (coming soon).

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Sample Battle Map                  Sample Product Page

Shark-Raid-OPrice: $1.99