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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Fate of the Multiverse Hangs in the Balance 

From the bowels of a cursed swamp, an ancient evil has been unearthed. Now, only the world’s most powerful heroes can stop the multiverse from collapsing into a plane of shadow and death.

To save existence itself, they must adventure into the heart of darkness and uncover a secret, centuries in the making.

Their journey will take them into a dire dungeon where they will confront an enemy both familiar and yet unlike anything they have faced before. Can they withstand the Shadow of Ebondeath?

Shadow of Ebondeath is an adventure for 3-5 player characters of 17th level or higher. Easy to set up and run, even for DMs that have never attempted to run a high-level adventure. Shadow of Ebondeath can also be played as a one-shot or inserted into another campaign or setting as a quest for high-level characters.

For use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Included Inside…

  • Guidelines for Dungeon Masters preparing to run a high-level adventure for the first time.
  • A 13-page mythic adventure set in a decaying swamp dominated by the legendary dragons Voaraghamanthar and Waervaerendor.
  • 17 stat blocks featuring creatures from Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, and the mad mind of James Patrick.
  • 2 D&D Second Edition inspired spells – acidosis and ironguard.
  • 3 Magic items, including a lost artifact – The Twin Crowns of Myrmoran.
  • 2 full-color dungeon maps, detailing the lair of a unique black dragon, Voaraghamanthar, and his twin brother Waervaerendor.

NOTE: PRINT FRIENDLY VERSION ONLY. An additional full-color illustrated version will be available in a future update, coming soon.

Shadow of Ebondeath - AdventurePrice: $4.95