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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The School of Castigation is a feytouched Wizard subclass for the greatest roleplaing game in the world!

Wizards who specialize in the study of castigation magic have taken on the daunting task of comprehending and the strange denizens of the Feywild. Quantifying the unpredictable power of the fey has been the life’s work of many a wizard in hopes of uncovering some great and undiscovered wellspring of magic. Wizards in this relatively small school are known as castigators, and most spend their days trying to unravel the byzantine laws that seem to bind the otherwise mercurial fey.    

Beyond their studies, castigators are most commonly tasked with negotiations between the Fair Folk and mortals. Some enterprising wizards have set up shop in the Feywild as traders or safe havens for mortals lost deep in the Winding Way. A few braver–or more foolish–souls attempt to use their knowledge of the rules of the Feywild to hunt the fey themselves. As a through line among all castigators, these wizards tend to be obsessive when it comes to laws and rules, deciphering magic systems, behaving with precise decorum, and searching for hints of the true names of any being they encounter.    

School of CastigationPrice: $2.00