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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

An empty inn in the middle of nowhere, a strange mystery and an even stranger host of characters to interact with. You just wanted a good night’s rest – and look what happened!

Room For One is a short oneshot script designed for DMs who struggle with making their own dialogue and people who are new to D&D. With lots of puzzles, charming simplistic maps and a fun mystery to solve, it makes for a great two-person adventure.

Alternatively – change it up! Add more encounters, harder monsters, and bring in a whole crew! The encounters are easily modified.

Scale: 1 Player at Levels 3-7, 1 DM.

Length: Approximately 2 hours.

Custom Maps: 3

Custom Enemies: 1

This adventure has been play-tested and makes for an fun way to pass the time, especially for those more inclined to solving puzzles over fights – although there are plenty of those too!

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