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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Arm yourself for the Arms Race. Glory and pay in under a day!” – Ode to Armalin’s Arms Race

Talking trees, brawls with bandits, riddles at bridges, fifteen-foot toxic mushrooms, and a towering gargoyle dragon are all encountered on this extraordinary quest for first level characters! Combined with the human element of a mother desperately trying to help her sick daughter, morality will be tested and glory awaits. Will your party be the first to find and deliver a Rainbow Rose to Armalin up the perilous Lowkur Trail? It must be done before nightfall and others are hot on the trail. After being cancelled for over thirty years, prepare yourselves for the official reinstatement of Armalin’s Arms Race!

This module is meant to be an epic introduction to the adventuring life for your characters. There is something for everyone, with a combination of social interaction, exploration, and combat.

Everything required to run the adventure is inside:

  • 4 custom encounter maps (one with an A and B side)
  • A complex trap through mountainous mushrooms. Watch out for the spiders!
  • Magic items, including 2 custom ones.
  • Statblocks for all NPCs and Creatures.

Rise Hero is a setting agnostic series of adventures designed to be used as a foundation to build your own world or to plug right into the campaign you’re creating. These adventures take your players through the early levels of their journey where they answer the fundamental adventurer’s call: rise, hero. The tone of the series is reminiscent to that of classic Western fairytales. Welcome to Chapter One: Armalin’s Arms Race, a first level adventure.

Rise Hero - Chapter One: Armalin's Arms RacePrice: $4.99