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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Some performers are scrappier than others. They might not have formal schooling, understand the magic underneath their music, or hold aspirations of cultivating a community in the arts—they just want to play. Music is an outlet for their frustrations, a dingy window into their soul. It’s the prelude and the postlude to the dirty work they need to do in between.

Rhythm players and bassists dive headfirst into the groove with their instruments and get swept away by the riptide of their own beat. Their allies float on the contact high of that bone-buzzing bump. The phenomenon has an explanation, but the scrappy Rhythm rogue couldn’t care enough to explain it.

The Rhythm Rogue.

A new Roguish Archetype that keeps up the Bassline in battle and adds buzz to every bump.

Musical Weapons.

New rules for sound based attacks and a new ability for instruments martial and not.

Punk Background.

An anti-authority scrapper with an eye for the norms of new locations. (Comes with a variant for ASI distribution!)

Grab a subclass that kicks ass and whips out the slickest licks!

Need some character suggestions for your new Rhythm Rogue? Try these on for size:

Clonns Cover Art  Hillaby Cover Art  Dab Cover Art

Rhythm RoguePrice: $2.95