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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

On the world’s first offshore rig Captain Seaslick and his crew are drilling for dragon essence – a rare and valuable substance often called Red Gold. They’re about to be filthy rich, but not everyone’s happy for them.

Dragon cultists have infiltrated the rig and are trying to steal a stash of the precious essence for their rites. In their eagerness they’ve magically sped the drill up to a perilous rate. With the rig rattling and falling apart around them, will Seaslick and his enterprising ex-pirates team up with nature worshipping tribes folk to defeat their shared enemy? And will they escape with their liquid hoard, or will the sea have her revenge for their greed? 

This is a level 1-3 “one-shot” adventure, intended to complete in one session. It could also be used as a campaign starter with a new party, bringing them together through shared conflict. Varied adventure hooks allow for a wide mix of character backgrounds and classes.

Red GoldPrice: $0.99