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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Realmspace is an old sphere, history there beyond what most can imagine. Some mad Wildspacers have tried to document it as best they could. Here’s what I’ve found.”

Most denizens of Toril know nothing of the vibrant planetary ecosystem that dances above their heads. But those few who know the wonder of Spelljamming can see Realmspace for all it’s beauty… and all it’s dangers. This is a collection of pre-filled versions of my Complete Wildspace Sheet (already available on DMsguild) with custom maps and plenty of details on each planet within Toril’s crystal sphere. With these as handouts, your party can easily chart their own course through the stars, or scope out a race or faction that may help them in their quest. Information for this was taken largely from Realmspace by Dale “Slade” Henson.

Information on landmasses, societies, and spelljamming ports for every planet in the system, from Anadia to H’Catha, including Toril and its moon, Selune!
Custom-labeled maps, escape times from planet surfaces, and travel times between each planet. So your players know where they are and how long it will take to get where they’re going!

Includes non-planetary bodies such as Elminster’s Hideout, the Tears of Selune, the Skull of the Void, and others!
Entirely customizable! Want to update the included descriptions for your campaign? Every form field is easily editable in any pdf reader or web browser!

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