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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

I hope you didn’t think I was done after three! I proudly present to you 6 more races for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. In this PDF you’ll find 6 brand new races, racial feats, subraces and tables to roll on. This is pay what you want. Support is highly appreciated but comments are great too.

Included Races

Kotrin – Festive catfolk with roots in Icelandic Yuletide mythology. (1 feat, 1 table)

Ophim – Angelic messangers of the upper planes with an offputting visage. (1 feat, 1 table)

Anubid – Jackal-like elementals made of minerals left over from the past. (2 subraces, 1 feat)

Lephite – A race of plague-carrying ravens with no bad intentions (usually). (4 subraces)

Ossikar – Feral fey creatures with a unending lust for revenge. (2 feats, 1 table)

Miretch – Half-dead crocidilefolk who wander the world in clans. (2 tables)

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