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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

So 7 strange races just wasn’t enough huh? Well there are still more races to be discovered and played by you and yours. In this PDF you’ll find 7 new races to play along with racial feats, subraces and tables to roll on. Just like last time this is pay what you want. Support is highly appreciated but comments are great too.

Included Races

Reefeen – A race of humanoid coral with a passion for the sea. (3 subraces, 1 table)

Wysel – A kind of weaselfolk obsessed with familiarity. (2 subraces, 1 feat)

Chaosborn – Beings made of the twisting elemental chaos of Limbo. (3 feats)

Cyrrin – Kind, scholarly batfolk searching for the key to true happiness. (1 feat, 2 tables)

Dobharkin – An feral otter-fish mix inspired by Irish folklore. (2 feats, 1 table)

Decrott – A race of undead humanoids corrupted by the Abyss. (1 feat, 1 table)

Food Golem – An amature wizard’s creation with an edible body. (3 subraces, 1 table)

Random Races Compendium 2Price: $2.00