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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Raging Villains

Five lethal barbarian NPC campaign villains with personality, motivation and tactics

Zodrurkhan the Occult Berserker slices his greatsword across his own thigh as he glares at the adventuring party in front of him. The blade drinks the blood, and the ancient rite begins. In battle, Zodrurkhan will sacrifice his opponents to the Lower Planes which guide his battle rage.

Bheseila has been leading the shield wall for months. She stands shoulder to shoulder with her brothers and sisters, yet she towers over all of them. “Shiiieeelds!” her roar bellows across the line. Bheseila smiles as two dozen shields are raised in unison. Today is a good day. Today is a bloody day.

Barbarians make for fearsome villains. In D&D, we are used to seeing barbarians as player characters. But the unbridled physical might, the reckless battle rage, and the ferocious drive for conquest mean that the raging berserkers can be extremely effective NPC campaign villains.

In this supplement, you will find more than the vaguely Scandinavian, battle-axe-wielding berserker. The five villains presented are as varied and flavorful as they are fun to run in battle and potentially lethal for unprepared adventurers.

The Raging Villains

Here is an overview of the five villainous NPCs in this supplement:

The Renegade. Banished from their tribe, this bitter outcast travels the land to fill the hole in their heart with the blood of anyone who dares look at them the wrong way.

The Shield-wall Leader. This villain is the commander of a warband of ferocious warriors. They stand shoulder to shoulder, and shield to shield with their brothers and sisters in arms.

The Beasthowler. Wild beasts call to this warrior, and the warrior howls back. Eagle, wolf, or snake – this true outlander can call upon the wilderness for aid in battle.

The Occult Berserker. A herald of the Lower Planes, and warrior-priest of unholy rituals.

The Steel-eyed Rager. This bizarre killer is half arcane automaton and half feral warrior.

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