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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A Fresh New Kind Of Adventurer!

You’ve seen every manner of animal-hybrid Humanoid: draconic, avian, insectoid, equine, leporine, caprine, reptilian, hippo-like, and more. Want something a little weirder? How about a Humanoid descended from a whole different phylum—the invertebrate sponges!

Okay, hear me out… I know this is strange. This isn’t a joke creature, though other characters might look at them funny. They’re hearty explorers and capable combatants on land and underwater.

Poriferans are an unusual folk who resemble vaguely-humanoid aquatic sponges. They lack typical facial features, instead relying on specialized cells all over their bodies to perceive their surroundings. Underwater they communicate using complex chemical signals, but in adapting to life on land, they have developed ways to speak by vibrating the water within their bodies. Even their “brains” are decentralized throughout their anatomy.

Poriferans are thought to be native to the Elemental Plane of Water, but small poriferan settlements can be found in shallow seas, bays, estuaries, and coastal areas on many worlds. Poriferans are typically patient observers who practice a communal lifestyle, living in harmony with many animal and humanoid species. The curious among them become intrepid seekers of the worlds beyond their watery homes.


Resist poison and forced movement! Detect foes through vibrations! Instantly heal your wounds! There are advantages to being weird.

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