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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Across the Sea of Swords, the mysterious and myth-shrouded Moonshae Isles lie. Faerie courts hide in mystic forests and tribal kings battle lycanthropes and the bloody vampire queen. All this and more is waiting to be discovered in Player Primer: Moonshae Isles! This supplement includes everything a DM and players need to start and run and campaign set in the Moonshae Isles, including:

  • Life in Moonshae Isles
  • Important events
  • Regions & cities
  • Factions
  • New & updated backgrounds
  • A map of the Moonshae Isles
  • A Charcater Chronicle system to build characters who feel firmly grounded in the Moonshae Isles

Our Character Chronicle, adapted from the Heroic Chronicle created in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, is a system of character creation that helps players create characters with strong ties to the Moonshae Isles. This includes goals, secrets, and even favorite foods! Useful for any player, this system can also be used to create more fully-realized villains for your campaign. 

Once your heroes are complete, bring them to life in The Kelpie’s Shadow: A Player Primer Adventure! This adventure is designed to be an introduction to the region for new characters and players. It includes information on scaling up the game and plot hooks for creating an ongoing campaign! Click the image for more information, and you can buy the titles bundled together for a 20% discount here!

A kelpie, a sort of undead horse, stands licking a skull in a bog of blood.

Continue your adventures across Faerûn with the rest of the Player Primer series! 

A red-haired barbarian woman fires and arrow while riding a dogsled in the arctic. Player Primer: Icewind Dale     A knight sits looking at a distant castle. Player Primer: Tethyr

Player Primer: Moonshae IslesPrice: $4.95