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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dark rituals, dangerous warlords, slumbering gods, crumbling ruins, strange creatures, cruel war and other perils wait for you among these pages.

This book contains a collection of seven encounters to integrate into your own campaign world, written with enough detail to be played as single adventures with just a bit of improvisation. Each perilous encounter provides creature tokens, background, locations and events bursting with ideas to be played directly or with little preparation to adjust to your players’ power level.

Make the wilderness a perilous place where your players will:

  • Uncover the secrets of the dead wizard Atrahasis in The Forsaken Sanctuary
  • Learn the consequences of abhorrent ceremonies in The Ritual
  • Loot the dangerous remains of a horrifying battle in The Battlefield
  • Unleash the wrath of the serpent-god Glykon in The Shrine to Old Gods
  • Defeat the mad warlord of an orc tribe in The Deserter
  • Fight the curse of an unholy squad in The Seven Whisperers
  • Rescue from torture a prisoner of the harpies in The Flock of Fury

GlykonUrzugMalfunctioning Cadaver Collector
Glykon TokenUrzug TokenCadaver Collector Token

Perilous EncountersPrice: $10.00