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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

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Very Large Appendix at the end providing detailed descriptions of all NPCs, locations, combat stats, and maps!

(Part 10 of The Sword Coast Coup, a multi-part campaign by Justin Gagliani)

For four 10th-11th level characters:

In this part of the Sword Coast Coup, our adventurers become aware of a secret organization called The Golden Circle. They learn that a Knight of Kansair is a part of it, a certain tabaxi bard who they very likely have come into contact with in the past. Samuel Sabbath is chaotic, whimsical, and downright evil. He owns several shops around the Sword Coast specializing in fradulant and counterfeit magical items. But this is more than mere fraud. His influence in the Golden Circle has lasting effects on Waterdeep. Can the players find information about this secret group and discover its ties to Sabbath and therefore to Kansair? And will the players be ready to travel to Pandemonium to confront the evil bard?

This module contains sleuthing, combat, lore, and a trip across planes. Will the players have what it takes to take on a master of charisma and deceit? See for yourselves with this 47 page module maddeningly full of chaos!

Pandemonium & The Tabaxi BardPrice: $4.99