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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

… In an instant the wolves all stops howling and shortly after you hear the destinct sound of a heavy crossbow firering repeatedly! 

From the hatch in the storeroom and trough a little peep-hole in the frontdoor you can see the shadows of several wolves charging from the darkness, and into the lights from the torches outside the storkade. ”Duncan the Fart” shoots bolt after bolt, hitting their mark again and again and soon after you count six dead beast on the ground beneath the crows nest. 

The wolves stop their attack, and their howling now sounds more confused and annoyed and then suddently the howling stops completely… But as the hours go by and the darkness grows deeper you all get the feeling that something is not right – not right at all!!! 

A sudden, long scream in horrer tears the silence and it shivers down your spines as you all recognizes the voice as ”Duncan the Fart”. Five seconds later the screaming abruptly stops.    

Not more than ten seconds after that a wave of wolves darts from the shadows of the forest. They sprint past the lights from the torches outside the storkade, and into the village towards you… 


This is the second part of the adventure “Outposts” and it is therefore recommended to start with the first part “Outposts (1) – The Marsh”.

Outposts (2) - The ForestPrice: $4.99