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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A terrifying vortex of magical energy has opened in the Abyss above the secretive Abyssal Sorting Services Inc.! Demons, angels, and devils alike scour the planes for help investigating the source of this disturbance, a balor quits their day job, and unlucky adventurers may find themselves shunted across the planes into the strange halls of Abyssal Sorting Services Inc., warped and rearranged by the magic of the Abyss! Across the pages of Organized Chaos, player characters of any and all levels will encounter a board-game loving dragon, vegetarian minotaurs, perplexing portal-based puzzles, labarynths, chimpanzees, a faceless and nameless demon, a terrifying meeting of deadly fiends, an orderly quasit, Herbert from Accounting, and more!

Organized Chaos is a dungeon crawl for the curious and imaginative player and DM alike, with an emphasis on exploration and interaction, somewhere between an old-school sandboox and a surrealist fever dream. Particularly fast groups might find themselves satisfied with their journey through Abyssal Sorting Services Inc. after about four hours, while the more thorough and curious travelers could easily spend twelve hours exploring the halls. This adventure includes:

  • Fourteen keyed encounters written with an eye towards aiding game preperation and for easy reference during play, emphasizing exploration and interaction above combat, suitable for characters of any level! Make it through the entirey of the dungeon without needing to draw a sword or roll for initiative once.
  • Thirty-six amusing and bizarre random encounters, not a wandering monster or combat among them, which add replayability, expound upon the absurdities of the Abyss, and sit decontextualized and ready for export to any other adventures you run.
  • A non-linear sandbox and player-centered journey with a plethora of sidequests to undertake and oddities to prod at as you attempt to puzzle out the story of Abyssal Sorting Services Inc.
  • A cast of memorable characters, as strange and unique as the dungeon they find themselves in, including: a vegetarian minotaur, a board-game loving dragon, an orderly Quasit, several chimpanzees, a nameless and faceless demon, Herbert from Accounting, and more.
  • Three maps, provided as keyed versions for the DM and unkeyed versions for players to reference at the table or on a VTT of your choice.
  • Five new magical items: a horrificly deadly poison and four books for the Intelligence-skill check loving player in your group.
  • Reference material for the DM, including encounter and map quick refrences and an NPC list.
  • Light-mode and dark-mode color schemes for the module.
  • Simplified and screen-reader friendly versions coming soon.
  • A treasure trove of public domain artwork, like a veritable field trip to a tiny art museum run by an eccletic little demon!
  • A horrifying meeting that should not, under any circumstances, be disturbed.

Content warning: this module includes a reference to vomitting. This is done in a context intended to reference a scene from a popular animated film set in an otherworldly spa for the gods and spirits featuring a nameless demon and a girl who loses her name. The module contains instructions for how to replace or otherwise omit this.

Organized ChaosPrice: $4.95