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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

New maps now available same day as module release!

Ever needed more from your maps?

What better way to experience the Eberron Adventurer’s League campaign, “Oracle of War” than with detailed, full-colour battle maps.

Included in this pack are 15 battle maps covering all combat areas in part 11 of Oracle of War, My Undying Heart.

All maps are high res and perfectly reproduced from the detailed descriptions in My Undying Heart.

300 dpi resolution supports quality prints for 1″ square tabletop use. Also perfect for use with Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Encounter+ and all other virtual tabletops!

Glowbound Temple

Walk of Fire

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EB-05 A Century of Ashes

EB-06 The Last Word

EB-07 Song of the Sky

EB-08 Parliament of Gears

EB-09 Lord Bucket

EB-10 Judgment of Iron

EB-11 My Undying Heart

Battle Maps for Oracle of War Epics and Miscellanea:

EB-EP-01 The Iron Titan

EB-EP-02 Rolling Thunder

EB Salvage Bases

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Oracle of War Battle Maps - My Undying HeartPrice: $1.99