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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

It was supposed to be a simple escort mission. A two-week first class all expense paid lightning rail ride across Khorvaire. But a murderer on board had to go and spoil it all. 

A one shot, 4-6 hour Murder Mystery adventure set in Eberron, designed for characters of 5th level. 

Eberron is rife with secretive political alliances and intrigue at every turn and you’ve fallen right into the middle of it.  Lord Stazav, a high – ranking diplomat for Breland, has hired The King’s Dark Lanterns to protect him, as he journeys to Aundair to set up a secret alliance between the two nations.  

The Lanterns don’t have time to escort the diplomat and have outsourced the job to a group of adventurers. Two weeks travelling across Khorvaire in luxury shouldn’t be too difficult for them. However when Lord Stazav’s decoy is murdered, they have limited time to find the murderer before the diplomat suffers the same fate.

Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

One Way to MurderPrice: $3.95