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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

It’s a chilly Winter’s Crest in the cozy village of Pinedale as loved ones gather tight, share cocoa, and tell stories of ages past. But when a blizzard strikes the town, Pinedale finds itself drawn into the dreaded domain of a mysterious fey with deadly plans…

In Once Upon a Winter’s Eve, enjoy a D&D game over the holidays, with a dark and icy twist. It features:
  • A 4-to-6-hour adventure for 5th-7th level characters set in the frozen forests of Winter. 
  • 18 pages of encounters that can be added or removed for extra time and challenge
  • Three full-color maps, plus a unique monster stat blocks for The Winter Queen, a CR6 fey obsessed with ice and dance.
  • 4 new magic items, including the Everburning Log, Bells of Jingling, Icicle, and Nutcracker, as well as the Harmonite Bladean optional weapon that increases in power if characters join together in song.
  • Encounters with a Frozen Lake, a mid-air battle on the back of a dragon, and a ballroom fight atop a mountain’s edge. 
This adventure is perfect for a short holiday game–whether set in your Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign or as a standalone adventure filled with warmth and good cheer, it touches on classic holiday themes while still remaining a true monster-filled D&D adventure.
This adventure was made as part of the RPG Writer’s Workshop.

Once Upon a Winter's Eve: a 5th-level One-ShotPrice: $2.95