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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

     Characters are asked by a local cleric to deliver gifts to a family whose homestead is in the harsh frontier.  During the trek they encounter several “spirit forces” that they can overcome through combat, or they can decipher clues to use tropes that suggest some fun, holiday-themed alternatives to combat.  Once they reach the homestead, they must plan to secretly deliver the gifts.  All of this must be completed in one day’s time before the Winter Solstice ends.

     This adventure is an homage to the Christmas holiday time, but it is not a traditional “Santa Claus” story.  The cast of monsters and NPCs are inspired by European folklore that have contributed to today’s Christmas celebrations. The legends have been mashed into a single, tier 1 D&D adventure, designed for four level 4 characters. Suggestions are given for scaling.  Total play should not exceed 4 hours.

Of Mistletoe & MonstersPrice: $4.99