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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Interesting and Mysterious Things to be Found in the Ocean

Presenting a combination of utility, imaginative content, and deep research typical of many Surbrook Press products, Michael Surbrook delves deeply into the ocean (or any large body of water), presenting a toolkit for DMs who want to elevate their games. In this case, Ocean Discoveries is an extraordinary source of encounters and other useful information about using the ocean in your campaign, including:

A look at bodies of water, and what they area.
A detailed breakdown of ships, including a new ship chart.
Rules for dealing with storms, including a wind chart, wind speed effects, and wave effects.
The effect of depth on light and pressure.
A list of unusual aquatic features.
Stat blocks for whales, sharks, sea serpents, and more.
Two d100 charts presenting 50 encounters for the surface and 50 encounters underwater. 

That last part is the true meat of the product, as it can enhance any game with a couple of rolls, making it an invaluable tool for any DM hoping for some quick-and-easy help in elevating their scenario or session.

A Surbrook Press product from award-winning author Michael “The Professor” Surbrook.

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