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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

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The definitive compendium of magic items for 5E Dungeons & Dragons

Nybor’s Tome of Enchantments covers all your magic items needs with 99 new and unique magic items, a quick and easy-to-use system for creating magic items using 250+ magical properties, and an automated item card generator!

Find short descriptions of each chapter, full page previews, and examples of magic items below.

  • A complete guide to creating unique magic items using the 250+ enchantments in the book
  • Expanded magic item crafting rules for player characters using recipes, specific spells, and exotic ingredients
  • 33 unique and flavorful magic armors and shields ready-to-use in your game
  • Outfit your eldritch knight with a battlemage’s armor or beef up your frontliner with the legion steady shield
  • 33 unique and flavorful magic weapons for all types of characters
  • Sow dissent among your enemies with the magic sickle strife or get hype with the adventurous longsword brightcheer
  • 33 unique and flavorful wondrous items for warriors and casters – and everyone in between!
  • Take charge with the cloak of command or cut through your foe’s defenses with the empowering rod
  • 250+ magic properties of varying power and rarity
  • Each enchantment can be a magic item on its own – or combined to create unique and powerful magic items
  • Make class features pop with class enchantments, add flavor with common enchantments, tease your players with curse enchantments, and give your weapons personality with sentient enchantments
Extra content
  • Item card generator – an automated PDF file that lets you create item cards using enchantments and completely customize them!
  • Sample item cards for 24 items – ready to print out at home!
  • Rolling tables to help you create magic items at random and recipes that lets player characters enchant magic items on their own




This product contains all content from the medal-selling Nybor’s Tome of Enchanted Armor, Nybor’s Tome of Enchanted Weapons & Nybor’s Tome of Enchanted Wonders. If you have bought either or both of these titles, check the newest uploads for discount codes for this product!

Nybor's Tome of Enchanted Weapons Nybor's Tome of Enchanted Armor Nybor's Tome of Enchanted Wonders 


ITEM CARD AUTOMATION: Andrew Hollingworth, J. A. Valeur 
EDITING: Kathleen Harrington, S. Valeur.
COVER: Zuzana “Ssapdra” Nemcová
INTERIOR ART: Bob Greyvenstein, J. A. Valeur, Adobe Stock.

Eventyr Games

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Nybor's Tome of Enchantments – magic items, item cards, and enchanting rules for 5EPrice: $14.95