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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“No News From Nerlin” is a one-shot adventure for first level characters that serves as an introduction to Dungeons & Dragons by incorporating the three pillars of play – social engagement, exploration, and combat.

Adventurers arrive in a small town and learn that townsfolk are worried about a nearby village. With the possible aid of a young woman from town, the adventurers can investigate the deserted village and discover the source of the problem – an apprentice necromancer using the undead and goblin hirelings to locate a relic for his master.

  • The adventure provides opportunities for social interaction, exploration, and combat
  • PCs meet several residents in the town of Kellen and the town can serve as the base for further quests in the region
  • They can explore the village of Nerlin and acquire several leads for ongoing adventures

No News From NerlinPrice: $2.95