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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Back for more with Part 4! Welcome to Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit 4!

This fourth installment in the Dungeon Master Toolkit series comes with 296 pages of Adventures, Dungeons, Puzzles, and Creature stat blocks and over 20 maps to use in your digital tabletop of choice to help run the content contained within.

The Content

5 Adventures – As with all previous toolkits, this book contains a suite of adventures that range from levels 1-8 for Dungeons Masters of any experience level. This book contains everything you need to run these adventures including maps, a cheat sheet for fast reference, and a way to kick the adventure off from scratch or integrate it into an existing adventure.
2 Dungeons – I circled back to dungeons with this book – one taking place in a carnival-style haunted house and the other what I am considering an entire puzzle dungeon! As with adventures, you will have everything you need to run the dungeon including maps, descriptions, stat blocks, loot, and plot hooks.
10 Puzzles – It wouldn’t be a Dungeon Master Toolkit without a few new puzzles. With these installments, we are up to 50 puzzles across all Toolkits. These range from complex ciphers to a power gamer’s delight with finding how to solve the perfect round of combat and the final puzzle is the largest I’ve ever written with a full storybook full of rhymes for your party to solve!
100+ Creature Stat Blocks – Another tradition – more monsters! Each stat block comes with information about the creature and how to use it in your world! Shall your party go up against the Cult of Fortunes and their devious leader Lady Luck? Can you put to use the Musical Mercenaries and their array of instrumental weapons? Perhaps you need a terror to sweep your lands and utilize It That Defiles and its Plaguebearers! 
1 Mega Adventure – With no better way to describe it, this book also includes a Mega Adventure. It is called The Stacked Deck and the content of the adventure is determined by a deck of cards! This provides a huge amount of variance in the adventure’s possibilities and makes it likely that no group will ever experience this adventure the same way anywhere in the world! 
20+ Maps – To help bring the Adventures and Dungeons to life, a number of maps are included in this product to be used in your Virtual Table Top of choice or to inspire a hand-drawn map at your kitchen table. These should help bring clarity to these battles and bring them to life for your players!

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