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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Face the Wrath of a Titan!

The islands of Mripatula are plagued by intense earthquakes. Some say, the source lies within the old legend of Naga Gahvara, an immense, imprisoned dragon. But how will the heroes deal with a foe powerful enough to shake a whole archipelago? The answers lie spread amongst the islands of Mripatula.

Naga’s Fury is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure for a party of 4 5th-Level characters that takes place in the tropical archipelago of Mripatula. Turqouise waters, jungles, swamps, tall mountainridges and occasional volcanoes dominate the many islands of Mripatula.

This adventure tries to present a lot of freedom for players and DMs to narrate a fun story together. Many locations can be tackled in different ways, but not charging in guns blazing is a common theme. The final encounter pits the characters against a 600ft long dragon, so let’s hope they came prepared. 

The archipelago of Mripatula, its culture and people and the adventure itself are heavily inspired by Indonesia, its history, culture and mythology.

Most specifically the premise of the adventure is based on the Legend of Naga Padoha, which is the creation myth of the Batak ethnic group from northern Sumatra.

This Adventure works as a 5th level one-shot, but also works in an ongoing campaign.

Included in the download:

  • PDF
  • Handouts & High resolution Maps
  • (pending) Printer-friendly PDF

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