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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“The horn, the horn, the lusty horn

Is not a thing to laugh to scorn.”

– William Shakespeare

The Horncaller is a martial archetype for fighters that want to take control of the battlefield with the power of their lungs. Grab a warhorn and blast out powerful notes and patterns to communicate over great distances, give orders, rally allies, conjure walls of sound, and unleash a soundwave of ethereal warriors. If you’ve been practicing your cyclical breathing and love being loud and bossy, this is a must!

Included in this product is:

  1. The Horncaller fighter martial archetype
  2. Four new magic items: horned crown, dragoncaller horn, forlorn horn, and the seven horns of conjuration
  3. A roleplaying reason to yell TOOT TOOT BRRRRRR
Fighter feature preview     Dragoncaller's horn item preview
Cover art by @Lost_Krendel

Cover layout by @BethanyDnD

The Horncaller is the eighth subclass in the Musical Subclasses series, with new subclasses released regularly. Pick them all up in the MUSICAL SUBCLASSES BUNDLE at half price!

Musical Subclasses: Horncaller FighterPrice: $1.98