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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Join Muk and his friend Birdsquirrel for their next adventure in Dankwood, as our crafty goblin teams up with the Archmage Tasha to bring you more fun activities and adventure ideas. 

For players of all levels. 

This activity book, lovingly crafted and illustrated by D&D’s Emi Tanji, includes enjoyable adventure hooks written by D&D’s Adam Lee, puzzles, unique Dankwood critters developed by D&D’s Chris Lindsay! Each page is made to be colored and enjoyed, so let the adventure begin!

Best of all, ALL monies that Wizards of the Coast and Dungeon Masters Guild receives from sales of this PDF are donated to Extra Life. Your purchase of this adventure goes to a truly great cause!

About Extra Life:

Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. Sign up today and dedicate a day of play for kids in your community!

Muk's Guide to Everything He Learned From TashaPrice: $4.99