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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is the 66th in an ongoing series aimed to provide the overworked DM with ready-to run encounters. The PCs are hired to recover pages torn from the works of the Shaper, a semi-mythical mage infamous for creating such combined creatures as weagles, sheers, and spakes. Will they recover the pages or will their ethics demand that they destroy such mad magical science to protect other innocent creatues?

Sheer and spakes are CR ¼ while weagles are CR 1. The encounter can easily be modified by adding more creatures.


The encounter includes:

  • History/Background for the encounter.
  • New Monsters
  • New Magic Items
  • Encounter guide
  • Color Map


The companion ZIP file contains:

  • JPEG and Campaign Cartographer versions of the maps (with and without grid).
  • Hero Lab file for the encounter.
  • Word file of the encounter.
  • PDF of the character sheets for all the monsters.
  • Character Export file compatible with Fantasy Grounds

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