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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Midlife Dices Stock Art: Artificer

1536 x 2048 resolution. 300 dpi.

Use this eye-catching original illustration as cover or spot art in your DMsGuild publication.

The included png is not watermarked or bordered.

All creator proceeds from this project will be put toward commissioning an artist on a future project.

The purchaser may use this stock art for publications along with advertising for their own commercial or editorial purposes as part of a publication where the stock art forms part of the body of work and is not limited to images alone. For example, a book, PDF or other publication that also contains written content. It may not be repackaged partially or entirely as part of another package of stock art, or something similar.

The stock art included may not be used in other products the purchaser offers for sale (including but not limited to merchandise such as shirts, posters, cards, digital art) or web pages.

The purchaser may manipulate the images by cropping, resizing, or flipping.

The artist (Joel Kleine) retains ownership of the artwork, even after any modifications have been made.

The artist’s name must appear in the product’s credits as: Joel Kleine (@midlifedices).

The purchaser acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed to these terms.

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