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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Merle T. Jack’s Wilderness Outfitters

Merle T. Jack’s Wilderness Outfitters is a Fantasy Grounds module that you can use to supplement a campaign that is run in the Forgotten Realms area of Icewind Dale. We have placed our Outfitters 20 miles southeast of the Ten Towns location of Easthaven.

You can also use this in any artic location with a little editing of some of the text, as we do mention places in the Icewind Dale area in our story.

This is not an adventure. It merely gives you a location where your players may want to visit and purchase supplies, including Companion Animals. We have services and lodging, and you can meet our five employees and Sasha the Hunting Dog, who all have backstories of how they met each other and came to the Outfitters.

We are also including two tables of possible encounters that you can use with this location, but everything is just the icing on the cake which is your personal campaign.

We’d like to think that this is especially something that will speak to roleplay heavy groups, as you can purchase fishing equipment, or hire our Wilderness guide to take you around the area to the best spots for fishing and hunting. When you’ve scored your kill, you can bring it to our Outfitters, and have Haglin butcher and package the meat and even taxidermy the animal for your own personal trophy.

The module itself will work in both Fantasy Grounds Classic and Fantasy Grounds Unity, with Line of Sight added to the maps. It is built as a player module so that the players have access to purchase anything from our interactive menus, which will deduct the price of the item or service and place the item in your inventory tab on your character sheet..

We hope you enjoy this module, which is the first collaboration of Laerun and Lady Shel.

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Screenshot 2 of Merle T. Jack's Wilderness Outfitters

Screenshot 3 of Merle T. Jack's Wilderness Outfitters

Merle T. Jack's Wilderness OutfittersPrice: $5.99