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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Long a beacon of justice and virtue in a world beset by the foulest evil, an uninterrupted lineage of Marescu barons had protected the north Svalich woods from their stronghold in Marescu Keep. Within the span of a single generation, all fell into ruin. (See The Weeping Revenant and Descent Into Darkness for how your players can take part in more of those parts of the legend.) Now, two centuries later, Marescu rises again as two long-estranged clans vie to reclaim the power of the barony. Marescu is rising; the question is will the rising herald a reign of darkness or of light?

Long ago on a night of complete blackness, a talisman of power disappeared forever beneath the waves of Lake Zarovich. Within but a few seasons, the once proud Marescu barony was reduced to impotency, and the Marescu family irrevocably shattered into scattered clans by a rebellion of the wealthy families of the north Svalich region. Two centuries later, only two clans remain: the clan of Draveza Marescu and one long thought to have faded into the ghostly haunts of the ethereal plane. Now both clans seek to reclaim the past glory of their ancestors’ heritage. But only one will be able to claim the rising of Marescu. 

Marescu Rising is the third title in the Desolation of Marescu™ series. The adventure is designed to function either as a stand-alone adventure in an unexplored corner of your campaign world or as a side adventure within a Curse of Strahd campaign. Designed for four 5th to 7th level characters, it contains difficulty adjustment suggestions for parties of both higher and lower character levels.

This adventure guide contains a complete story arch that combines an array of engaging monster encounters with a custom NPC interaction mechanic that replicates the challenge of gathering reliable information during interactive scenarios in which the player characters must pit their wits and charm against shrewd and deceptive NPCs. In addition, this adventure guide includes several 5th edition conversions:

  • three monsters absent from the Monster Manual and Volo’s Guide to Monsters
    • the Bog Giant, a giant found exclusively in swamps and marshes that both venerate and hunt crocodiles, alligators, and other large reptiles
    • the Fossergrim, an aquatic fey connected to waterfalls who are said to enticing young women who enter or approach their rivers
    • the Skull Lord, a dreadful undead creatures spawned by the magic unleashed by a powerful necromancer at the moment of his death
  • three new magic items not contained in the Dungeon Master’s Guide 
    • the Mantle of Command
    • the Blurring Breastplate
    • the Bloodfeeding Shortsword

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