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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dada Dedek Wishes you Seasons Greetings, Winter Wonderland, Christmas Adventure

The following Holiday-themed adventure uses 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons core rules. “Long Was the Night” is geared towards saving lives and stopping the spread of evil across the land, so good-aligned characters would fit best. It is intended for adventurers of 11th to 13th level, but creative Dungeon Masters should be able easily scale the adventure for higher or lower levels. This is intended to be a “one-shot”, four hour adventure, but your game may vary depending upon play style and the number of players.

The town of Haverfont has long held they were among the most fortunate of populations. Fortunate due to their proximity to the archmage Dedek Mraz the Cold and the the wonderful gifts he brings each year. So fortunate were they, in fact, that each year around the Winter Solstice, Dada Dedek – as they so fondly called him – would visit the village and take the most talented children – usually between the ages of eight to twelve – among them back to his stronghold to train them as wizards.

Most of the time the children would come back to the town with stories of wondrous artifacts and amazing magic in the wizard’s grotto to the North – each having failed to meet Mraz’s expectations. They would appear on a sleigh, loaded with gifts for the town in appreciation of their generosity. Occasionally, however, a student would not come back. In these circumstances, it was assumed, the child had passed the archmage’s tests and was taken on as an apprentice. Many in the poor town see this as an opportunity for a better life for their children and readily agree to their son or daughter taking the apprenticeship. 


Gingerbread Figurine of Wonderous Power

Encounter - Buddy its Cold Outside

If you have been looking for a fun Christmas holiday adventure to play with family and friends, look no further!

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