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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

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Living Spells
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In this work, spells are presented that will not only last until dispelled but are predators as well if uncontrolled. Created by powerful magicians those spells scourge the lands and could be used as plot-hooks as well. Maybe you’ve heard stories about mystical happenings in the woods or mountains or even an undead carriage offering rides to villagers.
Living Spells contains 22 new spells and descriptions of their 8 creators. To name a few of them:
Azador’s Endless Carriage, a phantom vehicle that will drive you anywhere you want for the price of your life.
Jasim’s Flaming Jaw, a big scorching jaw that tries to swallow its target.
Evitsu’s Gate to the Underworld, a black gate trying to pull in creatures in its reach into the depths of Baator.
Azador’s Grim Reaper, a grim reaper with the …

The Fate-Seeker
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While studying stars, constellations, the sun and moon as well as the rare knowledge about fate itself, the mastery of the deck of sixty is their most specific practice. Fate-Seekers use the deck of sixty for fortune telling by interpreting the minor and major arcanas they are able to draw upon. Their mentor grants them their deck and teaches them how to draw cards. Drawing is an act of magic and therefore not something mere men might accomplish. After studying the art of channeling magical energy through the cards, the next step is to predict future and fate from the cards drawn.
A new magic class on 11 pages
The drawing, shuffling, discarding and reinforcing of cards, whether from a deck at the table or via a dice roll, as a core mechanism besides casting spells
Three archetyp…

The Summoner
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The Summoner
The air crackles with power as her focus establishes an arc-like connection with her shimmering, bipedal conduit.
Waves of pure magical energy wash over the land, emboldened by her companion.
A sly smile on his face, the dishevelled-looking human whispers a powerful word into the seemingless innocuous stone within his hand. In the next moment he is atop a large fiery bird leaving the bandits of the forest behind.
A scholar hastily gathers scrolls and tomes in a sack and flings it over her shoulder. Panicked, her gaze wanders to the front door of her study. Loud yells and sounds of wood crashing into wood come from the other side. Her large companion is blocking the attempts to crush the portal with his body’s mass.
Summoners are rare individuals that have, intentionally …

Devil Fruits – Using the powers of evil never tasted this sweet
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“You want my throne? Then come and get it! These words of Asmo D. Eus marked the start of a new era of adventurers.”
This work contains some snippets of lore regarding the existence of devil fruits in the Forgotten Realms, rules for five powerful, cursed fruits and stat-blocks for corresponding devils that grant some of their power to whoever eats the fruit.
The fruits and devils are:
Fruit of the Winter Wolf and Ranaron the Freezing Death
Fruit of the Blade and Azriz the Blade Wind
Barrier Fruit and Obicerion the Chained Mirror
Fire Fruit and Thallasion the Fire Storm
Dimensional Fruit and Distasia the Spectre
Every fruit can be trained to evolve or even to unlock abilities. However, all this power comes with a price……

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