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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Library Discoveries

A Deep Drive into Books And What is Found On Their Pages

Presenting a combination of utility, imaginative content, and deep research typical of many Surbrook Press products, Michael Surbrook delves deeply into books, presenting a toolkit for DMs who want to elevate their games. In this case, Library Discoveries is an extraordinary source of useful information about using books in your campaign. It includes: 

A look at what a book is, how they are made, what goes between their covers.
Writing surfaces other than paper.
An entire section dedicated to the concept of writing systems—their development and nature.
A list of notable books from fact and fiction.
A series of tables allowing a Dungeon Master to randomly generate any number of books and documents that might be found in a treasure trove, wizard’s sanctum, nobleman’s collection, or any library great or small.

A Surbrook Press product from award-winning author Michael “The Professor” Surbrook.

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