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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Lanceboard – Ruleset for running a Chess mini-game within D&D

The game of Lanceboard finds its roots in the fundamentals of battlefield strategy. It has been used over the ages to both entertain and educate. However, it remains a game of the elite since few can afford full-sized mechanical units that move and fight on verbal command. As a result, fully functioning Lanceboards are usually found in the possession of powerful mages looking to show off their enchantment skills.  

The game of *Lanceboard* was first created by the enigmatic **Cloud Giants**. Floating high above in the skies in their fantastic cloud castles, it seems a waste of their vast arcane knowledge to craft intricate mechanical dolls that could fight on command.

However, this is exactly the reason that the game exists. Magic is childs-play for Cloud Giants, and they wield it effortlessly like toys for their amusement. On boring afternoons, they usually gather around their Lanceboards and engage in friendly contests by commanding the dolls to stab, bludgeon and maim each other.

Depending on the disposition of the Cloud Giant, damaged pieces would either be meticulously repaired or nonchalantly discarded. The latter scenario is how they first (literally) fell into the hands of small-folk passing below.

Though the rules of Lanceboard are just like Chess, there are some important distinctions. While the PCs may be playing Lanceboard, the Players are still playing D&D, which therefore allows for some creative gameplay. 


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