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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Have you ever wanted to create a character, who could CREATE?!

Quiet and cunning, a clean-cut man wearing a tuxedo enters the royal ball room, wearing a gadget he just created to change things forever. Smiling wickedly, he presses a button on his tuxedo, and the floor below the King starts to fall away, causing the entire room to fall into panic.

Grinning as wide as his mouth will spread, a small gnome gets ready to try out his newest invention, “the arrow cannon” as he calls it. He quickly loads it into his crossbow, just as the gnolls hunting him begin to crest the hill. Pulling the trigger, an onslaught of fifty arrows, ends his opponents before they can reach him.

Breathing heavily, a dwarf goes to try out the “Dragon’s Tail”. As he mounts in his burrowing machine and closes the lid, he breathes a quick prayer and then pulls a lever. All of a sudden, it roars to life, able to be used without harm.

Whether its creating gadgets, gizmos, or machines, inventors create things others couldn’t even imagine! These intellectual geniuses help spread the new age into Dungeons and Dragons. While the world slumbers, the inventors create. Whether its using your genius ability to fight in battle, or maybe to help a local mine start running again, your character is sure to become a hero.

Includes: 12 pages on the inventor class, a new background specifically made for the inventor class containing a variant, and three new vehicles with stat blocks you get to invent!


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