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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Infinite Doors of the World Serpent

Step into the largest tavern in the multiverse!


The World Serpent Inn sits at the crossroad of the multiverse itself. It is a planar watering hole, a gathering place for travelers from all across the planes, and a flashpoint for adventure, danger, and excitement. It is a sprawling place with multiple “levels” hiding within its own dimensional space, a transitive plane tucked away from the rest of the multiverse but accessible from nearly anywhere – through the right door.

The World Serpent Inn was originally featured in OP1 Tales of the Outer Planes and was updated in Dragon Magazine #351. It is detailed and expanded upon for the latest edition of D&D with this release, and includes a host of interesting patrons, strange sites, and mysteries enough to keep the most active of adventuring parties busy for years!

Crack open this supplement, which includes:

* An overview of the World Serpent Inn as its own plane of existence, including highlights and impressions and a description of the various “levels”

* Random tables for generating doors found through the World Serpent, including door color, material, shape, opening process, and planar destination!

* A description of the World Serpent’s staff, including Mitchifer, the Owner, the autogoblins, and the serpent servers!

* Seven patrons from across the multiverse ready to enlist adventurers for a wide variety of jobs!

* Overview of the services and amenities offered by the World Serpent, including food, drink, lodging, security, and jobber enlistment!

* Description of 13 sites to be found within the World Serpent, such as the Book of Jobs, the Brawling Pit, Grand Gardenland, Hold of the Library Knights, Shadow Citadel, and the Uncommon Room!

* Map of the Uncommon Room suitable for VTT use with a separate PNG file provided

* Details on using the World Serpent as a Group Patron!

* Random encounter table!

* Five encounters for using the World Serpent, including Wild Goose Chase (suitable for any tier of play), The Alchemy Flood (Tier 1), Curse of Nul’zar (Tier 2), Dying Wish (Tier 4), and Last Laugh of Skeleton Hill (Tier 3)! Includes monster statistics for creatures outside the Monster Manual

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Infinite Doors of the World SerpentPrice: $4.99