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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Icicles & Brimstone

Ice, Fire, Adventure

An adventure for 5th-8th level characters


* This is the Fantasy Grounds Unity ONLY version of Icicles & Brimstone *

This module will not work correctly in Fantasy Ground Classic as it utilizes some of the new map features available only in FGU like Line-of-Sight and Animation Effects (Fx layers)!

Find the PDF version of this module for round-the-table play here:–Brimstone


When a priceless relic goes missing from the archives of an ancient monastery, only one party of stalwart adventurers has the determination and strength of character to go forth and recover it from a dangerous underground fortress.

That party is yours.

The Experience

The party will experience a wintery forest rest stop, a snowstorm (challenge not to lose any gear), a dangerous climb into an icy crevasse, and explore a 44 room underground fortress! And when it comes to the final battle, watch out. The big bad evil guy and his pet are tough, and could be deadly!

What’s Included

This module includes the FGU .mod file of the adventure with story, maps and images, NPC’s, monsters, encounters, items, and parcels. Maps utilize FGU only line-of-sight and animated effects (Fx) layers!

The Setting

The adventure begins in a snowy forest—great for use as a Rime of the FrostmaidenStorm King’s Thunder, or “northern” / “winter” campaign side-adventure. The second part of the adventure is set in an ancient, excavated, underground fortress.

Level Scaling

Ideas for scaling the adventure are included at the end.





Icicles & Brimstone (Fantasy Grounds)Price: $4.99